Membership Qualifications

A CAA fuel program member must meet the following qualifications:

  1. Operate at least one (1) turbine/diesel powered aircraft.
  2. Aircraft on membership must NOT be listed on a Part 135 and/or charter certificate or Fractional Ownership Program at any time.
  3. Have a valid e-mail address.
  4. Management Companies and/or Members representing multiple owners are allowed to join.

Note: Aircraft used for Charter/Commercial Air Service or listed on a US FAA Part 135 Certificate are not eligible. In addition, if an aircraft is listed as Part 135 during the duration of your CAA membership, no refunds will be given.

*Any CAA member who causes harm to CAA's program or reputation can be removed from the program.*

How to Join CAA?

Simply fill out our “Free Trial Application” located under the “Quick Links.” Free trial members are eligible to receive a three (3) month free trial on one (1) aircraft. If at any time the trial member would like to add an additional aircraft to their profile, they may opt to pay for a full membership. As long as your aircraft isn’t already listed on another active membership, your application is usually processed and approved the same day, between the hours of 8:00 AM CST and 5:00 PM CST, Monday through Friday. Weekend or holiday submissions will be processed the next business day.

Membership Verification

CAA membership follows your tail number. When you land at a CAA Preferred FBO, they are required to verify membership through the N Number Search on our website. We recommend downloading the CAA App and using the digital membership card which will automatically update every time you renew your membership.

Member Voting

Voting for FBOs opens monthly on the first calendar day of each month at 7:00am CST and ends at 8:00am CST on the eighth calendar day. CAA members have seven days to vote on all new, renewal and competitive bids. All members’ votes are recorded electronically. All FBOs in a vote must be open for business. Fuel Program Members are required to login to vote. This requirement ensures only one vote per membership. CAA asks that only members who utilize the airport vote. However, CAA does not prevent other members from voting if they so choose. Once all votes are counted, a final determination is made. All bidding FBOs will be notified of the final results. The FBO with the highest percentage of the vote will be awarded a three-year contract. Non-competitive bids must achieve a net 35 yes votes to be awarded a contract. In the event of a tie vote, the incumbent CAA FBO wins. If there is no incumbent, the CAA Board of Directors will vote to determine the winner.

Membership Rules

CAA guarantees to offer the lowest price of any fuel program offered to Part 91 operators at a CAA Preferred FBO. CAA does not guarantee the lowest price on the field because CAA cannot control non-CAA FBO fuel prices. CAA encourages all members to show loyalty to the CAA Preferred FBO on the field. As a CAA Member, you agree to abide by the following membership rules: 

  1. Member understands that the CAA fuel prices are available by logging into the CAA website, app or authorized 3rd party sites (Foreflight, etc.). Fuel pricing will not be given to members over the phone.
  2. Aircraft on membership must NOT be listed on a Part 135 and/or charter certificate or Fractional Ownership Program at any time.
  3. Member agrees not to divulge CAA’s proprietary FBO prices outside his/her own company.
  4. Members are only permitted to use the CAA membership at CAA preferred FBOs.
  5. Member agrees to "not shop" CAA pricing at competing FBOs at an airport.
  6. Member understands that if found in violation of the above agreements, they are subject to permanent disqualification from CAA membership.
  7. Member understands that billing information will be conveyed to the member electronically via email.
  8. Member understands that CAA Preferred FBOs are not required to offer CAA pricing to its CAA member tenants.
  9. Member understands that aircraft are intended to be parked on the FBO ramp for fueling. Any exception to this rule is at the discretion of the FBO.
  10. Members will pay in full for their purchases before departure with whatever credit card is acceptable by the FBO.