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CAA is a 100% Member Funded Association

The Benefits of Membership

Our goal is to increase the operating efficiencies of our members by combining our purchasing power and working with highly respected vendors of services and products that we all use. If you feel that this is an organization worthy of your interest, please join today for the Free 6 Month Trial Membership.

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CAA Price Structure Change.

Dear CAA Members, 

For the past 8 years, CAA has maintained our annual membership cost, but we find ourselves in need of a change. We hope that you will agree. 

Effective September 15, 2017, the CAA annual membership will change to a flat rate of $500.00 per aircraft.

This price structure change is revenue-neutral to CAA and ensures that all members' aircraft are priced equally. Our goal is to be fair with everyone.

At this time, more than three quarters of our membership are single-aircraft organizations, and will see a price drop of $100.00. Those with more than one aircraft will see an overall increase. CAA’s new price model $500.00 per aircraft, is easy to communicate, easy to bill and, easy to pay.

CAA maintains the priority of assisting Part 91 operators succeed in a competitive marketplace. As our membership numbers increase we will be able to negotiate the best possible fuel prices. Our strength lies not just in the number of members and quality of our preferred FBOs, but also in CAA’s commitment to a Win/Win scenario for all.

Thank you for supporting CAA. 


The CAA Team:

Robert Bordes, President

PJ Clark, Melanie Dolezal, Carolyn Hunt