Membership Fees

Payment Methods: Credit card (Visa, Mastercard or American Express) and check are the only methods accepted for payment at this time. Credit card information is not retained or kept "on file". There is no option for auto-renewal. Payments received by credit card will renew one (1) year from date received or account expiration, whichever is later. Payments made by check are accepted vis USPS only, but membership may expire before mail is received. Payment by credit card is preferred.

-FAA documentation (registration/bill of sale) is required to verify ownership.

Annual membership: $500 per aircraft per year. – Ownership” of the CAA account is assigned to the tail number AND the corresponding owner (individual or corporation) as stated on the FAA registration, even if multiple aircraft are on a profile with multiple owners (under management by a company or a pilot/manager). NOTE: *Managed aircraft and **Dealers/manufacturers – see below.

ADD an aircraft: $500 per aircraft. This fee will be prorated and the difference refunded to align with the expiration date on the profile at the rate of $50/month within 10 months of renewal.

Aircraft change or Tail number change (same serial #): To update or replace an aircraft for the same “owner”, provide CAA with documentation of FAA Registration or Bill of Sale for new aircraft. Change Fee is $100. If registration number will be updated twice due to the change in ownership (awaiting FAA approval/paint, etc.), and CAA is notified at the time fee is paid, it will not be assessed a second time. 

Aircraft changes for managed profiles: If an aircraft is changed on a managed profile, and the documentation shows the change of aircraft is to a different or new owner, it will be converted to an ADD (see above). Additional monies will be collected for completion of the transfer to the new aircraft.

Free Trial: An “owner” is allowed 1 (one) free trial. A trial is for 1 (one) aircraft. The trial is intended to demonstrate the value of the program and may not be transferred or extended. If additional aircraft are to be added, profile must convert to full annual membership. No credit will be given for any remaining trial period. 

Remove an aircraft: No Fee. If an aircraft is removed within the renewal period, a revised invoice will be reissued. 

Membership fees are non-refundable. If an aircraft is sold, membership will not be suspended or prorated, but a replacement may be made anytime during the annual term for the same “owner” (see rules and fees for Aircraft change or Tail number change above). 

*Managed Aircraft - as a pilot/manager or management company, the presumption is that the cost of membership is passed on to the “owner”, so when an aircraft is updated or removed mid-membership, the benefits of the program go with the owner. Any replacement aircraft with new ownership are to be ADDED.

**Dealers and manufacturers may pay for an allotted # of aircraft that are temporarily registered to you as “owner”, sold, and then replaced with another aircraft registered to you. Same rules and fees for Aircraft change or Tail number change apply.

If CAA becomes aware of any member aircraft listed on a Part 135 certificate, at any time, eligibility for that aircraft will be immediately revoked for the duration of the membership term without replacement or refund.

Note: CAA is strictly member funded and unlike other fuel programs, we make no money from your purchases. We receive no revenue from FBOs or companies with which we have a partnership. We want our members to save as much as possible and our CAA Preferred FBOs to make a reasonable profit, so we take no money other than membership fees.