Rules Governing FBOs

1. No Solicitation

In general, CAA does not solicit bids from FBOs. An FBO interested in becoming a CAA partner must submit an “Interested FBO form" found on our website. Exceptions include: CAA FBOs that cancel a contract before expiration and FBOs changing ownership where the new owner does not assume the current contract. In these instances, CAA may notify other FBOs at those airports.

2. Bidding process

All bids must be submitted online on CAA’s website. A bid must be accompanied by a copy of the latest distributor’s invoice. The price on this invoice will be used to determine the CAA price. The CAA price must be at least $0.10 below the price of any other fuel program offered to Part 91 aircraft at the FBO but is not restricted by this provision. The CAA price is out the door inclusive of all taxes and fees. Allowances are made for credit cards other than Visa or Mastercard and are limited by 3%. This allowance must be stated in the bid and will be included in the contract upon approval by the members. A complete breakdown of the fuel cost, taxes and airport fees must be provided on a spreadsheet. The CAA fuel price is the total cost of fuel plus the into-plane fee (profit margin) for the 1-500-gallon range. CAA provides a spreadsheet to aid in fuel calculations. Use of your own format is acceptable; however, CAA will accomplish fuel audits based upon the CAA spreadsheet for fuel calculations.

If a new FBO is within 90 days of opening and submits an interested FBO form to CAA, an existing CAA contract subject to expiration will be extended by CAA to accommodate a competitive vote. If there is no existing CAA contract at an airport, interested parties who have submitted bids shall be required to wait the 90-day period to accommodate a competitive vote. 

CAA Preferred FBOs will be notified automatically by email 90 days prior to their expiration date that a new bid is due. A renewing CAA FBO must submit a bid for renewal by the 1st of the month prior to their contract expiration date. CAA will not notify a renewing FBO if there is a competing bid submitted. All bids should be submitted assuming competition.

3. Fee schedule

Many CAA preferred FBOs waive ramp fees for CAA members. While this is not a policy, we do require a detailed fee schedule of all the fees that will be charged to CAA members. This list should include ramp, facility, parking, overnight, security and other fees that could be charged for using the ramp and facility to embark and disembark their passengers. The schedule of fuel purchases required to waive fees must also be attached. These fees will be effective for the duration of the contract and cannot be increased without going back to the membership for a vote. Should this be necessary, CAA will alert the competition at that airport that the CAA contract is open for bidding.

4. Timeline for bids

All interested competitors must fill out an “Interested FBO form" in order to receive notification from CAA when it is time to bid. The exceptions to this rule are in items 1 and 3 above.

Bids are due on the 1st of every month by midnight CST. If a current CAA Preferred FBO is bidding for renewal, that bid will be due on the 1st of the month prior to the expiration month. Example: if the current CAA preferred FBO has a contract expiration date of 12/31/2020, then the bid will be due on 11/01/2020. All competing FBOs will have the same deadline.

If an FBO is located at an airport which does not currently have a CAA preferred FBO, a bid can be submitted at any time. If CAA receives the bid on or before the 1st of the month, the bid will go out for voting the following first day of the next month. Example: If an FBO submits a bid on or before 11/01/2020, then they will be included in the 12/01/2020 vote. If it is received AFTER 11/01/2020, it will be included in the 01/01/2021 vote.

Bids will officially close at midnight on the 1st of each month. CAA coordinates bids so that all bidding FBOs at an airport are using current cost pricing so that our members are comparing appropriate pricing. Once a bid has been sent to members for a vote, CAA will not accept any new bids for the airport.

5. Voting

Voting for FBOs opens monthly on the first calendar day of each month at 7:00am CST and ends at 8:00am CST on the eighth calendar day. CAA members have seven days to vote on all new, renewal and competitive bids. All members’ votes are recorded electronically. All FBOs in a vote must be open for business. Fuel Program Members are required to login to vote. This requirement ensures only one vote per membership. CAA asks that only members who utilize the airport vote. However, CAA does not prevent other members from voting if they so choose. Once all votes are counted, a final determination is made. All bidding FBOs will be notified of the final results. The FBO with the highest percentage of the vote will be awarded a three-year contract. Non-competitive bids must achieve a minimum of net 35 yes votes. The yes votes must total 80% or more of the count to be awarded a contract. In the event of a tie vote, the incumbent CAA FBO wins. If there is no incumbent, the CAA Board of Directors will vote to determine the winner. If the yes criteria are not met, the FBO can re-submit an improved bid to be considered by CAA members in a future vote.

6. Contracts

All CAA FBO contracts are three years in duration. CAA reserves the right to add to the term in special circumstances. If an FBO cancels the CAA contract to the detriment of CAA during the term of the contract, CAA may refuse bidding from that FBO for a duration not to exceed three years. All fees submitted in the winning bid are frozen for the duration of the contract.

7. Weekly Fuel Price Reporting Rules

When fuel updates are missed, wrong prices are charged, causing additional work and complaints from CAA members. The program has basic expectations from members and FBOs. CAA's agreement with our FBOs require weekly fuel updates, even if there is no change in pricing. We allow the FBO thirty (30) hours (Monday 9 AM - Tuesday 3 PM CST) to submit price changes. The primary contact on the FBO profile will receive a confirmation email once the update has been submitted.

The rules are simple:

    • Per the terms of the CAA contract, FBO agrees to submit fuel prices updates weekly;
    • Five (5) misses within a calendar year could void the FBO contract with CAA; and
    • If the FBO misses the weekly deadline in a rising market, the FBO would be expected to honor prior week pricing.

This is a weekly requirement stated in the CAA contract and our CAA Preferred FBOs are reminded weekly that the fuel update is due via email.