Annual Fees

On September 15, 2017, the CAA annual membership fee changed to a flat rate of $500.00 per aircraft.

For the past 8 years, CAA has maintained our annual membership costThe price structure change is revenue-neutral to CAA and ensures that all members' aircraft are priced equally.

More than three quarters of our membership are single-aircraft organizations, and will see a price drop of $100.00. Those with more than one aircraft will see an overall increase. CAA’s new price model is easy to communicate, easy to bill and, easy to pay.

The above fees are waived during the Free 6-Month Trial Membership period.

Note: CAA is strictly member funded and unlike other fuel programs, we make no money from your purchases. We receive no revenue from FBOs or companies with which we have a partnership. We want our members to save as much as possible and our CAA Preferred FBOs to make a reasonable profit, so we take no money other than membership fees.